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The InterGuss Sawtooth: The revolution in die venting

Constant technical change and growing competition in mechanical engineering in general, as well as in the automotive industry, are leading to ever-increasing quality demands on the supply industry. This also applies to the production of cast parts made from aluminium and magnesium alloys. An important prerequisite for the production of high-quality castings is that as few gases as possible are trapped in the microstructure during the casting process.

This results in the following requirements: the molten metal used must be gas-free, no air should get into the liquid metal and any air from the casting runner and the die cavity must be able to escape as completely as possible. The first two requirements must be met by a high quality melt and careful filling. The third requirement calls for a professional design of the venting block. This is becoming increasingly difficult as the complexity of die castings increases, because the space available to effectively position venting blocks is getting smaller and smaller.

The solution: Our venting block with patented "sawtooth" geometry. This can be installed directly in the slide valve and does not require any forced ejectors for demoulding. It has now been running very successfully in series production for several years and in large quantities for customers such as GM and Stellantis.

We can scale the geometry to almost any size and offer it in our MiniVent, OptiVent and SVent series with the material and gap size advantages that are already available. Perhaps you are also interested in venting systems for gigapresses? Here, too, we have a new product range in our exhibition: MegaVent® and GigaVent. Come and visit us at our stand and see the benefits of our venting technology for yourself. We will also be happy to advise you on internal cavity pressure measurement (CPMD), vacuum systems (TopVac) and our mobile measuring device (VacuCheck) and accessories such as filter systems.

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