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Venting blocks made by InterGuss: From the conceptual formulation to the so­lu­tion!

We deliver more than 150 different venting blocks to over 300 customers around the world

All InterGuss products have one thing in common. They are developed by foundry men for foundry men. The robust construction of InterGuss guarantees high system availability.

Be inspired by our venting systems MiniVent®, OptiVent®, SVent and the revolutionary new Sawtooth and look forward to the following benefits when using our products:


Improved casting quality

  • Reduced gas porosity  
  • Improved mechanical properties
  • Castings can be heat-treated
  • Castings can be welded
  • Less scrap

Increased process reliability

  • Lower injection pressure
  • Lower machine load
  • Reduced mould wear
  • No overmoulding of the parting surfaces

This results in considerable cost savings during operation. True to our motto, we work with you to make die casting sustainably better!

Venting blocks from InterGuss


Optimised for slide installation without pressure enforced ejectors


Excellent price-performance ratio


Maximum die venting for machines >5000t


Optimal venting for small dies